Doctor of Mathematical Sciences in Computer Science.

For years I have been professionally engaged and hobbistically with mobile technologies. I am a president of the Foundation for Computer Science Development WMiI UMK, Head of the Laboratory of Mobile Technologies WMiI UMK. Progamist iOS. I have always been associated with journalism: a member of the editorial team of the quarterly Głos Nieszawski, author of the Internet magazine, co-author of numerous publications in the field of computer science.


Since 2009 I have been active in creating websites and mobile applications.

During developent I use seto of proffesional applications, including Adobe CC, Affinity Designer/Photo and ohters.

My WEB projects are based (depending on client demands) on

  • custom CMS named BECMS3 wriiten in PHP
  • well known CMS system: WordPress written in PHP
  • well knonw CMS system: Concrete5 written in PHP
  • full scale portal: Liferay portal written in Java.

My mobile projects are created natively ofr iOS and are written in Swift 4, including mobile frameworks like CoreGraphics, MapKit, SpriteKit, SceneKit, GameplayKit, CoreData, CloudKit