Mobile applications are currently one of the fastest growing markets. I have been dealing with mobile technologies since the beginning of their existence. The main mobile platform for which I create applications is IOS.

Most interesting apps, I've created


App for streaming live TV from Enigma-based receivers (like Vu+), including integration with external media info, full EPG support and on AppleTV time shift service.

My responsibilities: all

Premiere in App Store: March 2018


Trains Project App

An application that allows you to learn programming for small (5, 6 years old) children. It contains a completely pictorial programming language.

My responsibilities: concepts, graphics, UI design, coding (about 25% of whole app).

Date: 2013-2016


Developed now by: Fundacja Rozwoju Informatyki WMII UMK

Harmonogram Wielobrygadowy / Work Scheduler

An application that allows you to configure and view information about work shifts.

Download in App Store

The Hungry Snake

A new look at the classic Snake game. A game prepared for iOS and AppleTV 4gen.

My responsibilities: all

Download in App Store

Vu+ TV

Apple TV App for watching live streams from Vu+ receivers

My responsibilities: development of EPG section

Fortune App

App which shows quotes from UNIX Fortune, allows to share, add and rate quotes, uses self created backend database and extensions for iOS keyboard and Apple Watch

My responsibilities: all.